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History of the city
Castle on the left bank of the Vltava was probably founded sometime between 1230 and 1239 son Vítek of Prčice . The first written mention made in 1240 an Austrian nobleman Ulrich von Liechtenstein in his autobiographical poem Der Frauendienst.
The city proper was meander Vltava River founded in 1274 . In 1302 local branch Vítkovci died and heritage with the permission of the king Wenceslas II. Lords of Rosenberg (the other branch of the family Vítkovci), then immediately moved from the castle Rosenberg to Krumlov.
During 14th and 15 century city, as well as the entire genus Rosenberg, grew in importance, and so could afford to oppose the centralization efforts of the king Wenceslas IV. , which even in 1394 and 1402 on the local castle briefly imprisoned.
During Hussite Revolution , the mansion owner Ulrich II. of Rosenberg at first inclined to the side of the Hussites, but later its position radically revised and became their ardent opponent.
Even after the Hussite period occurred further to systematically expand the Rosenberg dominion, combined with the economic rise of the city. In 1475 opened mines capitalizes silver, however, followed by a large influx of German miners, who began process of gradual Germanization city. In 1494 Krumlov was promoted to royal city . Attached was a new suburbs- Špičák, Upper Gate , For smelting and Plešivec.

In the second half of the 16th century, during the reign of William - the highest royal burgrave and of Peter Wok von Rosenberg - was generous reconstruction Krumlov castle into a comfortable castle seat. Large debts but Peter Wok in 1601 caught up to sell Krumlov Emperor Rudolf II. The city ceased to be the center of the Rosenberg dominion. During the reign of this family was admired by the vast majority of current Gothic and renaissance sights in town, major tourist attractions.

As you can see, the history and attractions
Cesky Krumlov could talk endlessly.

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